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Combijet Manufacturing, as a prominent member of the Demetriades Group of Companies, specializes in the manufacturing and supply of a diverse range of industrial cleaning and high-pressure water blaster equipment. Leveraging the expertise and engineering background within our group, we are uniquely positioned to offer products and support of the highest standards to our valued customers.

Our product range encompasses a wide variety of applications, ensuring that we can provide equipment suitable for any industrial setting, whether it be onshore or offshore. From heavy-duty vacuum cleaners to hot and cold pressure washers and high-pressure water blasting equipment capable of reaching up to 2500 bars, our offerings are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. We understand that different environments and tasks require tailored solutions, and we strive to deliver equipment that excels in performance, durability, and efficiency.

One of our key priorities is reliability. We achieve this by utilizing high-quality materials that are renowned for their long-lasting performance. Every product manufactured by Combijet undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure that it meets our rigorous standards. We take pride in delivering equipment that can withstand the demands of challenging industrial environments, providing our customers with reliable tools they can depend on.

Furthermore, our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the field. With our in-house engineering capabilities, we can meet any design specifications, offering bespoke or tailor-made solutions to address specific customer requirements. Whether it’s modifying existing equipment or creating entirely new solutions, Combijet Manufacturing is equipped to deliver cutting-edge products that align with our customers’ unique needs.

To enhance the versatility and functionality of our equipment, we also offer a comprehensive range of accessories. These accessories are designed to complement our product range, allowing customers to customize their equipment setups to match their individual applications or specific operational needs. Our commitment to providing holistic solutions extends beyond the core equipment, ensuring that our customers have access to a complete package that meets their diverse requirements.

In summary, Combijet Manufacturing is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaning and high-pressure water blaster equipment. As part of the Demetriades Group of Companies, we leverage the collective expertise and engineering capabilities within our organization to deliver products and support of the highest standards. Our product range encompasses a wide variety of applications and is built using high-quality materials for exceptional reliability and performance. With our dedication to meeting design specifications and offering bespoke solutions, we empower our customers to address their unique challenges effectively. And with a comprehensive range of accessories, we provide the flexibility to tailor our equipment to specific applications or operational needs. Trust Combijet Manufacturing for top-of-the-line industrial cleaning and high-pressure water blaster equipment that exceeds expectations and drives success in your industry.

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