For over 15 years, the Demetriades Group has supplied electric vehicles to customers in Cyprus, and we have always kept ourselves at the forefront of electric movability technology. So it goes without saying that we have a great deal of experience and expertise to call upon.


In 2019, we took the bold step of leveraging our In-depth technical knowledge and hands-on skills to manufacture the exciting DuroCar range – a new generation of robust, AC-powered electric vehicles… vehicles that take productivity, utility and comfort to entirely new levels.


DuroCar electric vehicles have been designed to help people and communities move around freely and safely, and to allow companies and government entities to achieve peak operational performance in transporting, carrying, and towing – all with zero emissions.


Every one of the DuroCar models has been cleverly configured for maximum efficiency, long life, and ease-of-use in countless operational environments or for almost every application and function. These AC-powered, pure electric vehicles are manufactured using only the highest specification components sourced from industry-leading manufacturers. DuroCar models are built tough and strong and ready to go, and come equipped with many of the standard features that you’d normally expect to see on an options list. And because we make them right here in our own factory, we can custom configure and adapt to match specific application requirements.


The Demetriades Group has a proven track record for excellent full after-sales service, both in terms of genuine spare parts and add-on accessories availability, and in skilled technical engineering support. Our sales advisors have the knowledge to precisely assess needs and expectations, and recommend the right vehicle to fulfil a specific task.