Reverse Osmosis Installations

Demetriades Hydraulics being always prepared to satisfy the customer’s needs and requirements, it offers for any application and environment, globally Reverse Osmosis Systems.
The systems provide to the end users the comfort of home-drinking water, showers while onboard on vessels, oil platform etc.
Demetriades Hydraulics is the official partner of Village Marine Tec as well as Sea Recovery which are world wide famous for their innovation, quality and long lasting life in  immense ROS.
The Parker Racor Village Marine Tec.’s  are known for the latest technology pumps, membranes, prefiltration, assembly, and testing production of any reverse osmosis watermaker operation. Whereas Sea Recovery, recently obtained by Parker Hannifin Corporation, are specialized in boats and yachts.
Demetriades Hydraulics with its highly- skilled workforce and full expertise develops alternative solutions to customers by providing them the ROS that is suitable for their needs as a result of an ongoing in-house development.

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