Dememarine Services

Dememarine Services, member of Demetriades Group, is a pioneering company that provides ship parts, services and repairs.
To meet customers’ requirements, the company delivers on-site equipment, spare parts and components with a particular specialization in hydraulics, as well as world-class services and integrated solutions of the highest standards to the marine industry.
Dememarine Services is the marine division of Demetriades Hydraulics. Demetriades Hydraulics was founded in 2001 and grew to be one of the most powerful manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic and pneumatic products to a host of markets such as construction machinery, agriculture, material handling and manufacturing plants. Operating as the sole representative of world-leading manufacturers, while deploying a highly-skilled workforce and acquiring full expertise in developing alternative solutions, Demetriades Hydraulics was able to provide its immense range of products and services to the marine industry, by forming Dememarine Services.
What gives Dememarine Services its competitive edge is the ability to provide fast-delivery integrated solutions at cost effective prices. This is the result of ongoing investment on human resources training, in-house development of new methods and quality procedures and employment of the most advanced technology in order to provide alternative turnkey solutions to meet every client requirement.
The combination of technical know-how and the highest possible service, coupled with comprehensive product ranges and the valuable assistance of a strategic network has made Dememarine Services synonymous with professionalism, reliability and excellence.