Demetriades Hydraulics

Demetriades Hydraulics Ltd, has been a member of Demetriades Group since 2001. It is one of the most forceful manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic and pneumatic products in the market.
In 2005, Demetriades Hydraulics, became a sole agent of Parker Hannifin Corporation and Linde Hydraulics, which are the most dynamic suppliers with full variety of hydraulic and pneumatic products, with an extensive range of product lines.  Demetriades Hydraulics can provide unlimited solution possibilities whether the need is a sub- system, an entire system or just components.
Demetriades Hydraulics is able to develop new methods and procedures, with the use of the latest technology and equipment.  In addition, the extensive range of products, the continued training of its human resource as well as its ability to create custom made solutions for various applications make it a very valuable associate.
Demetriades Hydraulics is operating a Parker Store, supplying all consumable products, hydraulic and pneumatic parts. In a Parker Store every need for hose fittings, custom assemblies and much more can be satisfied. The trained staff members are acquainted with any needed application and are proficient in providing solutions.
Also, Demetriades Hydraulics Hose Doctor Service is the Call Centre from where all customer enquiries are handled immediately. The Ηose Doctor Service is On Call for all types of installations. Qualified engineers specialised in hydraulics arrive on location to solve any hydraulic problem and ensure that repairs are carried out thoroughly and quickly.